Yom Kippur Appeal
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Target: $600,000
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Yom Kippur Appeal 2022

As our community is undergoing a rebirth through the renovation of our spiritual home, slowly emerge to some sense of normal, your financial commitment to our very special synagogue is as important as ever.

Your donations are critical for us to continue doing the important work of inspiring, uplifting and bringing together our beloved Menorah Family, whether in-person or on Zoom. Now, more than ever, it is incumbent upon you, our member, to stand strongly with us.

The monies raised during the Annual Yom Kippur Appeal finances over 75% of our Annual Operating Budget and is the principal reason we have been able to maintain our dues as low as they are. To sacrifice this funding would seriously harm our Temple’s ability to function.

Once again, this year there will not be someone in the sanctuary asking you to give, so this represents our sincere appeal for your most generous gift that you can possibly give to Temple Menorah.