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Apart and together. Separated and connected. Preparing for the Future of Menorah.

High Holidays

Celebrating the Holidays at Home and In-Person

Shanah Tovah! Happy New Year!

It is such a blessing that we are meeting again in person and doing so in our beautiful new Diener Family Sanctuary.

Throughout the last year, Temple Menorah continued to be a place of spiritual comfort for our community, despite—and in light—of everything. We adapted to today’s radical demands, expanding our physical presence into the virtual realms to maintain our invaluable sense of community and a necessary sense of normalcy.

As Jews, we have a knack for adapting. We made minyans over Zoom. We held virtual and in-person learning sessions. We remembered, with Yizkor, our loved ones who are no longer with us. We met online when we had to, and met in person when we could.

We are so proud of our community. We are so proud to be the home—in person and virtually—for Jews of Miami Beach. We want to continue being that spiritual home. And to do so, we need your help.

Please support Temple Menorah through our Yom Kippur Appeal, which represents over 75% of our operating budget. To sacrifice this funding would fatally harm Temple Menorah.

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But to keep adapting and thriving,

We Need Your Help

To ensure that Temple Menorah can continue to be a part of your life—virtually and personally—we ask that you renew—and increase if you can—your annual High Holidays pledge.

We must come together as a family to financially support our special Temple Menorah.

Your donations are critical for us to do the important work of inspiring, uplifting, and bringing together our beloved Menorah Family. Your donations show your commitment in maintaining this community in a vibrant way.

If you have never given before—now is the time. For those who have given to Temple Menorah in years past–please continue to give and give more generously.

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The Yom Kippur Appeal represent over 75% of our operating budget. To sacrifice this funding would fatally harm our Temple’s ability to function.

Please support Temple Menorah.

Yom Kippur Appeal